Skype-Mood for Winamp

Message as it is seen in the skype home view.

Skype-Mood for Winamp is a general Winamp plugin that sets mood status of Skype to the name of the currently playing song as it is shown in Winamp.

Main motivation was, that iTunes seems to do this automatically and I liked the feature as much as I dislike iTunes. Winamp is my favourite music player since ages. I looked for a Winamp plugin and found one overblown, that did far to much advertising and another one that didn't work.

Well at first I read the Skype api reference and wrote a test programm to set the mood text. As this worked I started with the plugin and it seemed pretty simple except for string handling in lowlevel win32 c++. If you are used to string functions in php the crt lib feels like stone age.

The plugin is tested with winamp 5.5 on winxp 32, winamp 5.6 on win8pro 64 and win81pro 64.

To use it simply copy it to your Winamp plugins folder and (re)start Winamp.

I provide the plugin as it is. There is no warranty, use it at your own risc.

20. October 2014

New version 0.6

Configuration now allows to restore previous mood text
Use winamps advanced title formating rather than to many placeholders

Ok, I decided to give the plugin a rework, do some fixes and add new features.


  • new placeholders
  • possibility to restore previous mood text
  • connection tracking (detect disconnect and auto reconnect)


  • %title% - title as it is seen in winamp main window
  • %length% - track length (min:sec)
  • %bitrate% - bitrate in kbit, tries to get from metadata (give an average for vbr) and fallback to current bitrate
  • %samplerate% - samplerate in kHz
  • %mode% - mono, stereo, x-chan
  • %position% - position in playlist
  • %file% - filename stripped of it's path
  • %artist% - artist as it is defined in meta data
  • %album% - album as it is defined in meta data
  • %tracktitle% - title as it is defined in meta data and fallback to %title% if there is no meta data
  • %track% - track number as it is defined in meta data
  • %vbr% - vbr, cbr

I strongly advice you to use the %title% placeholder and define it in winamps settings as it gives you much more formatting options.


manuel, 07/07/2018:
Can you upgrade for new skype version pls?
manuel, 07/07/2018:
can you update it for the last skype version?
aaa, 06/11/2016:
Still not fixed for W10 x64 :-/
Emmanuel, 10/24/2015:
Hi @Goeran,
I used and like you plugin a lot, unfortunatly, I moved to Win 10 and it doesn't work anymore.
I am a former Java / C++ developer, I'd be glad to try to amend the plugin to migrate it to win 10. Not sure I'll succeed, but it's worth a try.

Yukyy, 08/26/2015:
It didn't ask me, what i found odd to begin with. Skype just decided without asking, to not allow winamp access to it's API. Changed it manually and now it's working, thanks
Goeran, 08/26/2015:
@Yukyy: When Winamp starts Skype should ask you to give Winamp access to its api.
Yukyy, 08/25/2015:
I have the plugin installed and restarted winamp + skype, but the plugin config keeps saying "authorization refused" and the user space is also blank. @_@ My skype autoconnects upon start, has that anything to do with it?
Joanna, 08/13/2015:
@Goeran: I understand that, but it's sad anyways :-(
Goeran, 08/07/2015:
@Nemo .... what the plugin does is to update the mood message ... propagation through home page of contacts is what skype does .... i guess only skype can change that
Goeran, 08/07/2015:
@Joanna, I think right now I can't do anything against that as I am not using win10 ... deleting seem the only option right now
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